Purpose: To disseminate data (such as compiled indexes, biographies, queries, repository notes, etc.) as well as commentaries on methodology

In order to help protect the privacy of living individuals, personal information, e.g., vital records, residence, etc., are not published on this site. Any information concerning the living is provided only with their permission.

Focus and outreach: Individuals researching Woodwards and Woodards (including spelling variations) throughout the United States.

WOODWARDs WeSearch was established in 1991 and published as a quarterly newsletter from October 1991 through April 2004 (nearly twelve years). The format has transformed with the times and has developed in this Web site which is inactative and is easily located (we hope).

My earliest known Woodward ancestors are Stephen and Hannah (Clement) Woodward located in the area of Haverhill in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and Plaistow in the Province of New Hampshire. Stephen may be a descendant of Nathaniel Woodward via his son Ezekiel as several printed Woodward genealogies indicate. However, there are a couple of doubtful connections which I am striving to verify or disprove.

I am confident that the generations distribued in this "draft" are correct, and welcome comments. For years I've been intending to place the work which I've done on their descendants Online, but, I never reach the point where I'm satisfied with the work. The 9th of July 2006 was a "red letter day." I realized that it unlikely I'll ever reach the point where I am completely satisfied with my research on this Woodward family. Hence a DRAFT account of the first six generations of the couple's descendants Online. The draft will be updated from time to time, as I analyze the records which I have located and as I find new material. The search never ends.